Who We Are

THLD Group is an Alternative energy Solution’s Company in with a worldwide connection. We specialize in all aspect of logistics solution for bulk liquids and gas transportation. Our solutions and products are tailor-made to our clients’ specifications and needs. We provide conversion services using our THLD solution powered by STAG technology in converting cars, trucks, buses and generators to run on CNG and LPG.

Our Partners

Our Vision

To improve the face of energy in Africa, one country at a time

Our Mission

To become frontiers in providing cleaner and safer energy solutions in Africa, by promoting sustainable and renewable energy solutions in the african economy

Our Core Values

Customer Dedication we listen, We devote energy to understanding our clients’ needs and challenges and commit to solving them. It’s an essential part of building trust, building relationships and building business.

Commitment to Execute we do what we say, We deliver results on time, on budget and to agreed quality standard.

Conviviality we consider work a social place, with room for humour and warmth. Not somewhere you turn your personality off.

Entrepreneurship and Team Spirit As a team, we share knowledge and think ahead to try to find new opportunities. We manage the present but plan for future.

Professionalism One core value of ours is bringing our professional competence to bear in all our delivery to our clients, because we DO NOT compromise quality.

Integrity This is one value we do not and cannot take for granted. Our integrity precedes us and it is the currency with which we trade.

Innovativeness We bring innovativeness into our work because business is dynamic and there are daily upgrades in trends as time changes. We keep up with trends to meet industry standards.

Value Added Service Our clients enjoy a range of value added services unimaginable fantastic to make their work easier. We deploy cutting best-of-breed technologies for best performance.